Organizing Committee


Prof. Professor Prasad Krishna, Director NIT Calicut


Dr. Aparna K, HOD, CHED, NITC


  • Dr. Noel Jacob Kaleekkal (CHED- NITC)
  • Dr. Prasanna Kumar S Mural (CHED-NITC)
  • Prof. S. Vigneswaran (UTS, Sydney)

About the conference

Rapid urbanization has led to deficiency of safe and pure water across the globe. The lack of direct access to safe and pure drinking water is leading to millions of deaths every year. In addition, there is outcry for safe drinking water due to outstripping of clean water supply, further continuation of demand in safe and pure water may lead to future global economic and humanitarian crisis. Thus, there is urge for development of new sustainable technologies to produce adequate quantity of safe and pure water amongst the governments, international organizations and research community.

New sustainable technologies for water and wastewater treatment is pivotal in meeting a global water crisis. Further, many pollutants released into the environment are persistent in nature (POPs) and cannot be treated by convention wastewater treatment methods. The presence of these POPs even in trace amounts can cause severe health issues. To address this issue there are various recent developments occurring across the world which needs to be discussed in a single platform. This conference will provide a platform for dissemination and discussion of cutting-edge research in water treatment & desalination.

The scope of the conference includes the modeling and optimization of water treatment & desalination occurring in the academic and industrial community. Participants will include Leading scientists, academicians, researchers and industrial partners in the field of water and wastewater treatment from across the world as well as the representatives of government organizations, international agencies and aid organizations.

Themes of the conference

  1. Nanoparticles for wastewater treatment
  2. Pressure driven membrane-based processes-Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis
  3. Low pressure membrane applications-Forward Osmosis, Membrane Distillation, Pervaporation
  4. Advanced oxidation processes-UV, Fentone process, Electro-Fenton process, Photo-Fentone process
  5. Microbial fuel cells, membrane bio-reactor, Sonochemical reactor, Biochemical reactor and Integrated systems
  6. Micro-organisms for wastewater treatment
  7. Integrated approaches
  8. Ceramic membranes


  1. This conference aims to create awareness about the paucity of water and focuses on the current technological advances to mitigate this concern
  2. Offers a platform for academicians, scientist and industrial patterns to disseminate the edge knowledge about novel sustainable technologies for water treatment & desalination
  3. Provide an integrated view on the challenges associated in the scale up & implementation of this technologies while encompassing the environmental, economic and social aspects
  4. Create a space for researcher to interact, developing, transdisciplinary research which could pave the way for a methodical approach to the current challenge
NIT Calicut

About the Department

Established in 2006, the Department of Chemical Engineering of National Institute of Technology Calicut offers programmes leading to Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree as well as Ph.D. In addition to these regular programmes, this Department is also actively involved in conducting International Conferences, Faculty Development Programmes, Job-oriented Short-term Training Programmes and Continuing Education Programmes for Engineering professionals and academic faculty.

The R&D projects undertaken in the past were sponsored by various agencies like the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Department of Science & Technology (DST) and the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE).

NIT Calicut

About NIT Calicut

National Institute of Technology Calicut (NITC) is an Institution of National Importance, centrally funded by MHRD and is governed by the NIT Act 2007. Institute has ten departments, three schools and nine research centres. It offers ten UG and thirty PG programmes along with the Ph.D. programme in various fields of Science, Technology and Engineering. Faculties in the various Departments have active with Universities and elite institutions within and outside India for research and have active consultancy for industries.

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About Calicut

Calicut is a major knowledge Hub of Kerala and is the hometown of Institutions of National Importance including NITC, IIMK, DOEACC, CWRDM etc. Calicut is connected by direct trains/road/air to all major cities in India. NITC is located about 22 kilometers north-east of Calicut City. Calicut (Kozhikode), is known as the city of spices. Kozhikode beach, Kappad beach where Vasco Da Gama landed, Thusharagiri Waterfalls, Pazhassiraja Museum, Tali Temple and Kuttichira Masjid are some of the local attractions.

The schedule of the program will be emailed to the participants.